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Vice President Mike Pence’s Daughter Launches Kids News Show to Help Explain Coronavirus


Vice President Mike Pence’s Daughter Launches Kids News Show to Help Explain Coronavirus

Vice President Mike Pence’s daughter, Charlotte Pence-Bond, has launched a child-friendly news show to help kids understand the coronavirus pandemic.

The 26-year-old recalls being shielded from coverage of 9/11, and said that it was important there was an age-appropriate news show for little ones at such a scary time.

“I was thinking recently about what I can do to help kids feel a little more secure, a little more informed,” Pence-Bond told Fox & Friends. “I wanted to create a show that kids could have their own little news briefing and feel like they have information that they need.”

Pence-Bond said that her new show – “Littles News Briefing” – aims to “break down the news with facts” and will be available on YouTube and as a podcast through iTunes and Spotify. “I’m doing it every other day,” she said.

In the first episode, Charlotte interviewed her dad, who was appointed by President Trump to lead the Coronavirus task force and attends daily press briefings alongside the various experts. “I asked him questions about what the guidelines are but I also asked him questions that kids actually sent to me,” Pence-Bond explained.

Charlotte added that many children were sending her questions about when they would be allowed back to school, along with “when can they see their friends again,” “how the coronavirus spreads”, and “why the virus is more significant than the flu.”

“Thanks to @foxandfriends for focusing on our Daughter @charlipence’s efforts to make sure America’s kids stay informed about Coronavirus,” the Vice President tweeted. “So proud of our Charlotte!” 

There are currently over 650,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus across the United States, with more than 33,000 deaths. On Wednesday, President Trump declared that the country had “passed the peak” of cases, and that states would soon start reopening. “We’ll be the comeback kids, all of us,” he said. “We want to get our country back.”

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