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The Letter Black Signs To Rockfest Records For Fourth Album


The Letter Black is a female-fronted rock band that has been spreading hope and honesty with their music for ten years. After several years of being quiet and tending to family matters, they are ready to make a strong comeback to the scene by signing with a big name in the Christian rock scene, Rockfest Records. The Letter Black had been teasing for a special live announcement on social media for several weeks ahead of time, and on April 10th announced their signing with the label. Rockfest Records shared their excitement with, “In case you haven’t heard yet, The Letter Black is the newest addition to the Rockfest family! Are you ready for what’s coming next from these Christian Rock veterans?”

The Letter Black’s first album, Hanging On By A Thread, saw huge success for a debut album, with singles like “Hanging on by a Thread”, “Fire with Fire,” and “Best of Me” gaining millions of views and streams. They followed with the album Rebuild in 2013, offering some heavier tracks both musically and lyrically. They went independent for their third and heaviest album Pain in 2017. The Letter Black has toured extensively in the past, so an expectation of them touring to support the new album is realistic.

Rockfest Records saw huge successes in 2019 with bands like Random Hero, Zahna, and The Protest gaining national and international support. As a resulkt, the combination of the the label with The Letter Black sets high expectations and brings with it much excitement for new music.