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Revered Metal Band Living Sacrifice Celebrates 30 Years


Living Sacrifice is going to be playing a special, timeless concert in honor of their 30th Anniversary as a band. The concert is March 28th, in Little Rock, AR, at the Ron Robinson Theatre with special guest The Blamed. They will also be premiering a documentary on the same day. Living Sacrifice shared some details on what can be expected:

“We had some great rehearsals for the 30 Yr Anniversary Show, but the best thing about it was getting to hang out and goof off with my brothers in this thing called Living Sacrifice. We all had a part in this thing and we are grateful. Thank you to all the fans of the band of every era. March 28 we will be performing from our entire catalog going back to the Self Titled album 1991.” 

Tickets are low! If you are considering, buy a ticket now and think about it later. 

They released a trailer for the show as well, and you can see it here:

Living Sacrifice is a pioneer and inspiration for many in the Christian rock and metal scene. Often referred to as one of the very first Christian-based heavy metal bands, Living Sacrifice has been relentless and passionate in all of their music and ministry to share the Gospel and share songs about life through a genre that, especially at the time, was often seen as demonic. Even though they have only made 8 studio albums in their 30 years, their influence is undeniable. Bands that have named Living Sacrifice an influence include: As I Lay Dying, Throwdown, Demon Hunter, Under√łath, Haste the Day, Saving Grace, 7 Horns 7 Eyes and many more.